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Veggie Wave is an eco-friendly kiosk that delivers premium
healthy juices in an interactive and joyful atmosphere.

We are driven by love: love to nature, love to health and love to people.
We show our respect and love to nature by minimizing our environmental footprint. We specially combine flavours and nutrients into healthy juices. We make people feel good by sharing our smiles and lively energy. Through these genuine initiatives, we deliver premium juices
while creating environmental awareness in a friendly, funny and young atmosphere.

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sustainable living


"our commitment to sustainability comes from our deep connection to nature. as surfers, we have always felt it essential to protect our environment and ocean which have given us both so much"

As a sustainable brand, we deliver premium healthy juices while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our eco-friendly practices include the reduction of plastic use, fruit waste and electricity.


Stationary Bike Converter 


We developed an electricity-free system that allows us to work anywhere, anytime. We use a bike as an energy generator to blend our juices and cold-press ingredients. It converts human energy through a customised gear system that transfers the energy from the pedals directly to the blender and juice extractor. We also use a solar panel to charge our speaker that plays nice music all day.




We refuse to accept the current production model that generates tons of trash everyday. We will always be committed to find ways to reduce food wastage and bring more incredible flavors to our kiosks. We recycle and reuse fruit peelings and leftovers. For example, instead of heading for the compost, our crushed ginger, beetroot shavings, orange rinds, and lemon zest infuse delicious flavors into tea bags.

reduce plastic


Our cups, straws and lids are made of PLA, a biodegradable material derived from corn and rice flour. It means that if our products unfortunately end up on the beach, they will decompose naturally in under 80 days.



our juices are made with love.

We carefully select the finest, purest and most sustainable ingredients to make special and unique recipes. Our juices are made in their purest nutritional form, keeping the vital vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and nutrients intact to get fresh, healthy and premium juices with maximal benefits.

These are our favorites recipes:

Orange Juice

THE Golden WAVE  (anti-aging, mood balancer, antioxidant)

Orange, Banana, Turmeric, Rosemary, Black pepper


Digestive Juice

The Pineapple story (anti-inflammatory, digestive, helps memory, blood pressure, muscle oxygenation)

Orange, pineapple, Beetroot, Ginger, mint

Green Juice

the green doctor (detoxing, anti-inflammatory, muscle toning, helps digestion)

spirulina, rice milk, banana, chia seeds

Energy Juice

the pick me up (energy injection, muscle building)

Rice milk, Banana, Organic Peanut, Turmeric, Coconut, Cinnamon, Chia

100% premium, healthy and daily made! 

No Animal Products
No Gluten
No Dairy
No Chemicals
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
No Pasteurization



Our juice experience is unique. having a juice with us means receiving love, smiles and sharing good energy while pedaling your own juice and making part of a change in the world: minimizing our environmental footprint.



R. Rodrigues de Faria, 1300 - 501 Lisboa

Open everyday

10:30 - 19:00


Principe real

Rua Dom Pedro V 1, 1250-092 Lisboa

Open everyday

09:30 - 18:30


Torre de belem

Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa

Open every day

09:30 - 18:00



veggie wave was founded by niccolo bagarotto and riccardo ferragamo, two surfers who wanted to capture their passion for healthy eating. their adventure with veggie wave began during the summer of 2017 as a roadside juice bar that quickly attracted attention.




Born and raised in Bologna, the culinary capital of Italy, Niccolò has always had a deep appreciation for music, nature, and food. As a young man, Niccolò pursued a formal culinary education at the Cordon Bleu in London where he quickly rose to the top of his class. Upon graduating, Niccolò secured internships at some of the world's most prestigious and unique restaurants and spent four years traveling the world honing his skills and immersing himself in different cultures. Despite his love for the kitchen, Niccolò was appalled by the food waste and the industry's total lack of environmental consciousness, and so he committed to himself creating a culinary concept that provided for both people and the planet. With dreams of melding his passions for food, music, and nature and inspired by his travels and experiences, Niccolò and close friend Riccardo conceptualized Veggie Wave while on a surf trip in 2017 and have since served thousands of patrons healthy juices while spreading their message of respecting our natural resources. 

"I wanted to travel and start living out my dream: the ocean was calling me. Surfing has always been my key to connect with nature, and my time spent in the water has given me a deep respect for our earth."





Having grown up in the hills of Tuscany, Riccardo is quick to share how the most important lessons of his youth were learned while seated at the dinner table. While deeply connected to his home of Florence, Riccardo’s insatiable appetite for adventure and knowledge brought him to the United States where he pursued a degree in Business Administration as a young man. After university, Riccardo secured jobs at major fashion brands and at a leading global consulting firm where he learns to be a part of a more entrepreneurial environment and could better utilize his problem solving and interpersonal skills.

It was while on a surf trip with his childhood friend Niccoló that Riccardo saw the path to build a business that fulfilled his goals and the idea for Veggie Wave was born.

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